Hardouin le Charcutier Vouvray


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The setting: Amidst the vineyards of Vouvray one finds this establishment founded in 1936 that is dedicated to the glory of pork. Unsurprisingly, we find Chenin in many of the house specialities including the linked andouillettes, dried sausages, cracklings and Tours IGP rillettes.

The rillettes: These pieces of Touraine “roi rose” stew for 6 hours in large cast iron cauldrons with a bit of extra heat at the end that provides the browned and sautéd flavour to this pork spread, which we call Rabelais.

We love...
  • The high quality pork products offered in jars: ideal to give as a gourmet made in Touraine gift.
  • Making a gourmet stop in the restaurant at 70 rue Bernard Palissy in Tours (02 47 05 12 87).
  • The online sales website, to order delivery of tinned or vacuum packed goods.
  • Making purchases 7 days a week at the Virage Gastronomique!
Opening days et hours

Open every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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Traiteurs de France Label

Celebrated Tours IGP rillettes, Vouvray crackling confits, dried sausages, saucissons, 5A linked andouillettes, terrines, pâtés, prepared plates, stuffed pigs feet, black and white puddings, parsley ham, etc.

Practical information
25 route départementale 952
37210 - Vouvray
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